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The Skyline Team provides program management and Transition Assistance Advisors (TAAs) Staff support for the TAA program. The program encompasses the National Guard Bureau, Joint Headquarters Manpower and Personnel (J1) Staff of the 54 states, territories and the District of Columbia. TAAs primarily support uniformed service members and their families by ensuring they understand the services available through the Veteran Affairs and the military health system. Additionally, TAAs coordinate resources for these members and their families with the myriad of service programs provided by the VA, TRICARE, Veterans Service Organizations and other supporting agencies. As key members of the State Headquarters, Skyline's TAAs advise Joint Forces Headquarters staff. They also coordinate with Family Support Specialists and Employer Support Groups regarding entitlements through the VA programs. In addition to facilitating services between the service members/ families and the federal, state and local agencies, TAAs also participate in councils and ad-hoc groups to resolve entitlement and benefit. TAAs are certified in Pre-Separation Counseling with the DoD Transition Assistance Program (TAP) which includes Effects of Career Change, Employment and Relocation Assistance, Health and Life Insurance, Physical and Mental Health Well-Being, Education and Training, Finances & Legal Assistance and Disabled Veteran Benefits.


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